First Music Single Sale, Ever

by Jon Davis 19. July 2008 11:31

I just made my first sale of a music single.

I've been tinkering music production as a really lightweight hobbyist my whole adult life (it was one of my core interests when I was a kid), not really producing many songs, never going public with anything I had done, and mostly just tinkering with music tools and experimenting. I have thrown together a couple two or three *shrug* complete songs over the years as an adult, though really nothing very special, and I keep kicking myself for not actually making music production a higher priority considering how much money and "wannabe musician" efforts I've invested in tools and in tinkering.

While my musical interests are diverse among all major genres (pop, rock, jazz, classical/symphonic, electronic grooves, ambient), 2600 Hz has always been the "band name" chosen for electronic grooves and ambient music. I've owned for years, but never actually did anything with it.

A week and a half ago, after I decided it was time to transition to a new job, I decided I should also start daring to throw my music out there for public consumption. To start with, I decided, I should get a few of my initial silly experiments of the last decade out there and see where they hang. I created a profile on (the new replacement for what was back in the late 90's for indie music):

And a few days ago I decided it was time to reconnect my MIDI keyboard to my home PC workstation, reinstall my music tools, and get to work actually doing what I keep wishing I was doing, which is having fun with music production.

To my surprise, Space Ages reached #84 in the Ambient music charts!!  I thought it was surely a fluke--it was, at the time, the first song on my 2600 Hz profile page, and for a while there when I had "hack" this and "hack" that on my 2600Hz profile, my ClickSound profile was on the top page of the Google search for "2600 Hz". (Not anymore. Seems it was very quickly put into Google blacklist, which is obviously extremely unfortunate for me.)

Anyway, I received the following e-mail last night. This, in itself, is utterly meaningless, but it's kind of like that "first dollar" thing that a retail store might frame or something (except that it's a lot less than a dollar). It feels really good, and makes me want to consider actually giving music production more than just a toyish occasional tinkering.

-----Original Message-----
From: SoundClick Store []
Sent: Friday, July 18, 2008 5:34 PM
To: ----@-------.---
Subject: 2600 Hz - Space Ages (Single), sale on SoundClick

Hi 2600 Hz, you have a sale on SoundClick!

1 x 2600 Hz - Space Ages (Single)

You're credited a total of $0.17 USD for this sale.
Your current balance is $0.17 USD.

You don't have to do anything. If your current balance is higher
than $20.00 USD, you receive your next payment within the
week via PayPal.

Please make sure that the PayPal email we have on file is your
current one:

SoundClick - your #1 eCommerce store

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