Canvas & HTML 5 Sample Junk

by Jon Davis 27. September 2012 15:48

Poking around with HTML 5 canvas again, refreshing my knowledge of the basics. Here's where I'm dumping links to my own tinkerings for my own reference. I'll update this with more list items later as I come up with them.

  1. Don't have a seizure.
    HTML5 canvas arc, line, audio, custom web font rendered in canvas, non-fixed (dynamic) render loop with fps meter, window-scale, being obnoxious
  2. Pass-through pointer events
    Demonstrates how the canvas element, which would normally intercept mouse events, does not do so here, and instead allows the mouse event to propagate to the elements behind it. Huge potential but does not work in Internet Explorer.
  3. Geolocation sample. 
    Nothing to do with canvas here. Get over it.
  4. ECMAScript 5 Javascript property getter/setter.
    Like C#, Javascript now supports assigning functions to property getters/setters. See how I store a value privately (in a closure) and do bad by returning a modified value.


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