Iconize with CacheFile

by Jon Davis 4. December 2007 02:11

I still owe myself that virtual tarball / .mrr app.

Meanwhile, I've been busy with CacheFile.net in other ways.

  • I set up a new dedicated machine to host the site without worrying about others' sites taking the server down. It runs on Fedora / Apache.
  • On the new dedicated machine, I finally enabled gzip and caching.
  • I've been regularly adding popular script libraries as I find and qualify them.
  • The Graphics section now has two new additions:
    • famfamfam, and
    • Iconify

The latter addition, Iconify, is worth noting. http://cachefile.net/graphics/iconize/cachefile/index.html If you just drop this tag on your page:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://cachefile.net/graphics/iconize/cachefile/iconize.css" />

.. or ..

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://cachefile.net/graphics/iconize/cachefile/iconize_left.css" />

.. you'll instantly get icons to show up on your hyperlinks. No image downloads necessary!

Update: Of course, this doesn't work across different domains when using Internet Explorer. *sigh* 

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Sprinkle Javascript library

by Jon Davis 13. September 2007 16:06
<script src="sprinkle.js"></script>
<div src="info.html"></div>

CSI (Client-Side Includes), when SSI (Server-Side Includes) is not available. You can also call it "sprinkle", as that's the name I gave the Javascript library.


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