CAPTCHA This, Yo! - Early Alpha

by Jon Davis 14. July 2009 01:54

I've posted a mini-subproject:

The site is self-explanatory. The idea is simple. I want CAPTCHA. I don't want to support CAPTCHA in my apps. I just want to drop in a one-liner snippet somewhere and call it done. I think other people share the same desire. So I now support CAPTCHA as a CAPTCHA app. I did all the work for myself so that I don't have to do that work. I went through all that trouble so that I don't have to go through the trouble .... Wait, ...

Seriously, it's not typical CAPTCHA, and it's Not Quite Done Yet (TM). It's something that'll evolve. Right now there isn't even any hard-to-read graphic CAPTCHA.

But what I'd like to do is have an ever-growing CAPTCHA questions library and, by default, have it just rotate through them randomly. The questions might range from shape detection to riddles to basic math. I'd really like to have some kind of community uploads thingmajig with ratings, so that people can basically share their own CAPTCHA solutions and they all run inside the same CAPTCHA engine. I'm just not sure yet how to pull that off.

Theoretically, I could take the approach Microsoft took when C# was initially released (long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away), they had a cool insect sandbox game where you could write a .NET class that implements some interface and then send it up to the server and it would just run as an insect on the server. The objective of the game was to write the biggest killer/eater. I'm not sure how feasible the idea is of opening up all .NET uploads to the server, but it's something I'm pondering on.

Anyway, the concept has been prototyped and the prototype has been deployed is sound, but I still need to work out cross-site scripting limitations, bear with me. I still need to find a designer to make something beautful out of it. That said, feel free to use it and give feedback. Stand by.

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